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Ammonite fossil

Classroom Resources

Grades 1 - 3

We offer free Foundation (grades R-3) and Intermediate Phase (grades 4-6) teaching materials to support South African teachers and learners.
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frog cycle.png

Amazing Frogs slide show

butterfly cycle.png

Amazing Butterflies slide show

fossil quiz image.png

Fossil quiz slide show

frog lifecycle.png

Frog lifecycle worksheet

nature quiz.png

Nature Quiz slide show

online links.png

Online Teaching Links

fossil basics .png

Fossil Basics slide show

objects paper.png

Object-based teaching

teaching with objects.png

Teaching with Objects slide show

paper cephalopod.png

Paper Cephalopod Model

teaching at museums.png

Teaching at Museums slide show

paper trilo.png

Paper Trilobite Model

Grades 4 - 6


Fossils and Evolution Booklet

PDF (6.4MB)

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GALLERY 1:  Finding Fossils Image Gallery

GALLERY 2:  Fossil Types Image Gallery

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GALLERY 3:  Becoming a Fossils Image Gallery

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