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Puppet Planet to pop up at festival

The festival offers a range of activities that seek to cater for a diverse audience, ranging from virtual public conversations on topical issues, traditional dance performances, exhibitions, outreach activities, a slavery walk, behind-the-scenes tours, workshops, pre-recorded talks, planetarium shows, jazz performances, youth poetry reading sessions, various displays and more.

The launch of the show, Thandi Finds a Fossil, as part of the festival, promises to be a fun event for the entire family. Children can meet the puppets, Thandi and Oogies, for live interactions.

They will also be invited to take part in an exciting hide-and-seek game, searching for their puppet friends, Lystrosaurus and Ms Big Frog, inside the museum. Children can also earn an activity booklet and prizes based on the puppet show and access to viewing the full episode of Thandi Finds a Fossil.

The Puppet Planet programme was initiated last year by Dr Wendy Taylor, a palaeontologist and educator at the University of Cape Town (UCT) and avid puppet theatre enthusiast, who was inspired by the idea of creating a puppet programme about all the wealth of natural and cultural heritage in South Africa. Together with Dr Thalassa Matthews and puppet designers Sean and Angela MacPherson, JTC developed the concept and funding proposal which was soon accepted and funded by DSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in Palaeosciences at University of the Witwatersrand.

They collaborated with filmmaker Jannous Aukema to develop a theatre and TV-style that appeals to children of all ages.

The Puppet Planet series is an educational adventure for children between six and 10 years of age, and their families.

The story is about nine-year-old Thandi and her magical dog, Oogies, who have a very special secret – they can travel back in time!

On their fantastic adventures they meet animals from the past and learn how South Africa has changed through time. These exciting adventures explore South African palaeontology and archaeology, as well as other natural and social science topics, incorporating issues such as climate change, sustainability and conservation.

  • The full show will be broadcast on CTV on Friday 1 October at 15:00; Saturday 16 October at 15:00 and Wednesday 27 October at 15:30.

  • Visit the Jungle Theatre Company website at visit or the Iziko Museum at:

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